25 December 2011

Non-Holiday Christmas Music Playlist: FreeSol, Lana + More

Totally using today as an excuse to catch up on life. Before I dig into hundreds of unread emails for the rest of the day I need to have the proper soundtrack. Although it's Christmas I think I'll give my Bieber Christmas album a rest now.

FreeSol: Fascinated ft. Justin Timberlake + Timbaland

I saw FreeSol live twice this year. Yeah, officially obsessed. I can't wait for their new album in 2012. It's long overdue! Here's their 3rd video with JT. Can he just become their official keyboardist already? Can't let that swagger go to waste.

Lana Del Rey: Off to the Races

I love how everyone just started noticing Lana because of a Kanye tweet. Oh bandwagon jumpers. You guys do realize she's been on the scene for a minute now right? Anyway, I'm obsessed with her new song Off to the Races. It's so badass "gansta Nancy Sinatra" that I've had it on a loop for the past 3 days. According to Last.fm I've played it 191 times, making it my official most listened to song of 2011.

Tinashe: Can't Say No

Tinashe's talent is undeniable. Just look what she did with the instrumental from Britney Spears' Blur. Definitely keep an eye on this one in the new year. She has a mixtape and an album in the works.

Robin Thicke: Love After War 

Robin Thicke. Paula Patton. Sexiest. Couple. Ever. #Damn

Rihanna: You Da One

My neighbor's been blasting Rihanna's latest album for the past 2 days, and I'm starting to feel like I'm living in a Rih concert. Peep the visuals for her latest single You Da One. Really interesting.

And if you really want to hear some holiday music, here's my Christmas card featuring Justin Bieber's version of Little Drummer Boy. Click the envelope below to hear it. Xo.

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