22 December 2011

On OVOXO Overload

Just in time for the holidays OVOXO has blessed us with a couple of presents.

Last night Drake's video for The Motto was released. Before getting straight to the song, the vid begins with a clip of Mac Dre's mom talking about her son. Then we get into the music ... and the fashion. 

He can't believe he's wearing that either!
I kid. You know I'd marry Drizzy tomorrow if he asked.

Drake's riding 'round The Bay in a leopard print North Face and red Nike baseball gloves. Yeah, that happened. Then Lil Wayne shows up on the scene in bright green boots that match his watch. Festive. Later Tyga appears in Dodgers gear that he trades in for an open shirt with a graphic print. I swear I've seen Rick Ross in it before. When it comes to fashion, anything goes for these YMCMB dudes. Like they say, "Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ." I'm not knocking them, but if they want to bring me in as a stylist you already know I'm not against it.

Dirty Diana, are you kidding me!

This year has been all about The Weeknd. He appeared on the scene out of nowhere and has been riding the wave of critical acclaim ever since. The kicker is he's been everywhere and nowhere all at once. No one really knows anything about him since he's never done an interview. As a PR girl, you don't know how much I love that.

A few hours after The Motto dropped, The Weeknd released Echoes of Silence, the final project from his epic mixtape series. If you haven't heard the first two (House of Balloons and Thursday) before you need to download them first so you can truly appreciate the sonic brilliance that is Echoes of Silence.

Click the titles to download:
House of Balloons
Echoes of Silence

Well friends, it looks like I'm going to have a very OVOXO Christmas this year thanks to Drake and The Weeknd. Love my TO boys!

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Siobhan said...

Hi GRAE NEW YORK! Hope u r having a very OVOXO Christmas.
Thanks for the 411