21 December 2011

A Toast to "How to Make It in America"

Let's hope I get another chance to meet these two.
Sad news guys. Yesterday my fave show was cancelled! HBO axed How to Make It In America from their lineup. I know! I couldn't believe it either! NYC was so upset about this that the show became a Twitter trending topic. See HBO, How to Make It does have fans!

For those of you who have been longtime GRAE New York readers, you know I'm obsessed with everything How to Make It. The show was pretty much a love letter to NYC that resonated with us 20somethings dying to live the dream. The thing I loved most about it was how much the plot paralleled my life. If you live and work in NYC, you know what I'm talking about. A lot of things in this city just happen organically, and you can't explain it. Your friend drags you to an event and you talk to some people. The next thing you know you're getting a job offer you can't pass up! That's actually not too far from how I got my current job now that I think about it

How to Make It really gives us young'ns the feeling that NYC is ours for the taking. We can go after our dreams and find like-minded people who believe in them and become our support system. The characters you meet during your journey are just as brilliant as the ones on How to Make It. Trust me.


As I've said from the beginning, this show was perfectly cast. Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk are so believable as Ben and Cam. A few months ago my friend R and I met them at a Fashion's Night Out event at Bloomingdale's. We spent the better part of our evening observing them before we finally were able to get photos with them. One of the things we instantly noticed was how much like their characters they are. In person Bryan is totally the well-mannered, laid-back Ben, while Vic is the fast-talking, street-smart Cam. Let's hope these two get to play sidekicks again soon. They work so well together.

I love that How to Make It also brought to light how good of an actor Kid Cudi is. Who knew he could act! I hope his role as the loveable Domingo Dean, cannabis dealer/canine walker, leads to other great parts. He really needs to be acting when he's not making music. Of course I can't forget Eddie Kaye Thomas. This American Pie alum really brought the show together. Kappo's social awkwardness was so believable.

If you have a show that needs an OG, tweet Luis Guzm√°n asap before someone else snatches him up. He was on point as the ex-con turned legit business man Rene. He and his cronies - Jabar, Eddie, and Mike - were always good for some comic relief. Last, but certainly not least, I have to mention the first lady of How to Make It, Lake Bell. She was great at portraying Rachel's identity crisis. That storyline was always so relatable since I too questioned what exactly it is that I want to do. Just as she found a great job in the end through happenstance, that's how I found mine too. See, I told you my life parallels the show.

I religiously recapped the first season of How to Make It last year, but since I was so busy transitioning into my new job when this season started I stopped. I totally don't want to leave you guys hanging, so when I have time in 2K12 I'll make it a point to get back to my How to Make It recaps. There's so much we can learn from the show.

Of course you know I can't end this post without saying ...

Now here's how to make it in America:

- Do something for once!
- Don't listen to the guy who tells you, "before you start anything, just don't do it."
- Don't lie in your sales pitch, even if you're just selling sk8 decks uptown.
- Do know your boy better than he knows himself.
- Do wear a cool DIY shirt to a business meeting in case they like your outfit more than your samples.
- Don't count out a Jersey girl. She just may lead you to what you're looking for.
- Don't leave your truck alone when you have to make an important delivery.
- Do stand up to an OG to get back what's rightfully yours.
- Do create a solid story for your brand. F.Y.I. loyalty's already taken.
- Do make it clear who you want to be in business with.
- Do get a sleek stove for your new apartment with a river view.
- Don't lie to your friend about seeing his ex.
- Do think of creative ways to meet the right people and get what you want.
- Don't attempt to rap in front of Pharrell, especially if all you do is rhyme "bling" with "zing."
- Don't work for somebody else.
- Don't doubt you're not going to make it!

As I quickly glanced back at all 16 episodes I realized that season 2 ended perfectly. Our heroes were on top of the world with their friends, living the dream without selling out. That's all we can hope to do. As we enter 2K12, let's all make it a point to dream big or go home. Who's with me!

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Siobhan said...

GREAT show ... :-(( .... "dream big or go home"