18 January 2012

The Garbage Percussion Workshop

Remember when you were a kid and coffee cans were the perfect drum set? Recently singer-songwriter Annie Dinerman and percussionist Rex Benincasa took this concept to Dartmouth College. They showed the students there how to turn "garbage"  into percussion instruments. Take a look.

Currently the Garbage Percussion Workshop is being presented at colleges, but Annie and Rex are developing another program for grades K-12. I think this is a great idea. When I was in preschool, one of my favorite class projects was making drums out of recycled coffee cans. It's a fun way to teach kids about the importance of repurposing materials we already have. 

Visit Annie's blog to listen to One Planet at a Time. It's almost hard to believe that the music was created with plastic bags, glass and plastic bottles, a pill bottle filled with pistachio shells, a pizza box, a Snapple cap, congas made from tin cans, and timbales made from pizza sauce cans. Listen to the song and tell me what you think. If I didn't mention what materials were used for the sounds, would you have noticed? Didn't think so.


Cher said...

Going to pass on this info to my friends with children.

Scotch Corduroy said...

I just read your comment!
Oh no! you don't like the smell of smoke? This might sound a little weird, but ... I think I've romanticized the cigarette a little to much haha. I like the accent it creates in a photograph as a work of art. :)

Shari B said...