13 January 2012

GRAE Weekly: 1.13.12 Edition

Saw this on College Candy's Facebook page. I love #4

Spotted on Refinery29 ...

A few weeks ago as I created my about.me profile it hit me ... I have no good solo shots of myself! Of all my friends, I'm the photographer so I usually find myself behind the camera instead of in front of it. The one good shot I have of myself was taken by a blogger at an art show last year. For those of you who want a hot photo instead of the usual mirror shot or baby photo (my current profile picture), check out this article.

Read How to Look Gorgeous in Pictures: Facebook Edition

Spotted on SoundCloud ...

I love Austin Brown! For those of you who don't know, he's the son of Rebbbie Jackson, which makes him one of the talented Jackson clan. This year Austin will be breaking out of the shadows of his famous family with his own music. Last year he gave us a taste of what he can do when he released the video for 85, a sampler of the songs from his upcoming debut album of the same name. One of my fave snippets from the video was Midnight Man. Last week Austin released the full version on his SoundCloud. I've already favorited it.

Listen to Midnight Man
Midnight Man by Austin Brown

Spotted on Sour Notes ...

There's no denying that Foster the People's Pumped Up Kicks was the sleeper hit of 2011. Although I didn't mind the song, I wasn't really interested in hearing anything else from the band. That all changed after I read Sour Note's review of their album Torches. Like me, she thought Foster the People would be one-hit wonders. Then she listened to their album. Now I too must listen to their album and see if my mind is equally blown.

Read Foster the People - Torches

Spotted on Arjan Writes ...

Earlier this week I came across singer-songwriter ZZ Ward on Arjan Writes. I instantly fell in love with her voice and wanted to hear more from her. Just my luck, she recently released the mixtape Eleven Roses. Go to zzward.com to download it.

Watch Better Off Dead

Spotted on Business of Fashion ...

Ever heard of the streetwear brand Supreme? Me neither. Apparently Tyler, the Creator wore their hat when he accepted his VMA last year. Yeah, no clue either. Anyway, Business of Fashion did a great two-part feature on the company that you should check out.

Read Inside Supreme: Anatomy of a Global Streetwear Cult — Part I
Read Inside Supreme: Anatomy of a Global Streetwear Cult — Part II

Spotted on Time ...

When I hear a song I just listen for feeling and musicality. It takes me a while (sometimes years) to notice what the artist is saying. That's why I didn't realize how deep the lyrics of Jay-Z's new song Glory were until Touré's article pointed it out. Glory really is one of hip hop's greatest love songs.

Read Jay-Z's 'Glory' for Blue: One of Hip-Hop's Greatest Love Songs

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