06 January 2012

GRAE Weekly: 1.6.12 Edition

I decided to start a new GRAE New York feature this year. Actually, it's a remix of an old feature called In My Inbox. Each week (or more realistically, whenever I remember), I'll be posting videos and links to a few sites and stories you should check out. Here goes nothin' ...

Photo by Bruce Davidson

Spotted on Jeremy Danté ...

I've been obsessed with Jeremy Dante's blog for a few years now. From his editorial posts to his vlog updates, everything he does is quality work. Earlier this week he wrote a brilliant article about how Lil Kim got him into high fashion and how hip hop has been a big influence for him.

Read How Hip-Hop Introduced Me To High Fashion

Spotted on Vanity Fair ...

DJ/producer Diplo has been writing a travel series for Vanity Fair for the past couple of months. His latest focuses on the "Tecno Brega" scene in Brazil and the bands that have brought it to the forefront in the rapidly developing country. One of these groups is Banda UO whose Shake de Amor samples Willow Smith's Whip My Hair.

Watch Shake de Amor

Spotted on UO ...

Ever heard of the fashion editor and stylist Zara Mirkin? Neither did I until I read this interview with her on Urban Outfitters' blog. I love learning how people get into fashion and where their style inspiration comes from. 

Read About a Girl: Zara Mirkin

Spotted on Flavorwire ...

Lately I've become obsessed with Flavorwire. A few days ago they posted Bruce Davidson's photos of the Jokers, a '50s teen gang from Brooklyn. The vintage photo set sort of reminded me of Rebel Without a Cause. The full slideshow's over on Retronaut.

View Brooklyn Teen Gang, The Jokers, 1959

Spotted on Twitter ...

Before we rang in 2012, Justin Bieber posted a new song with him and Jaden Smith. You guys, this is Beiber at his sexiest! I think I can say that since he's 18 in 3 months. Now I really can't wait to hear what Bieber's next album sounds like!

Listen to Happy New Year

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