09 January 2012

Mike Posner "Looks Like Sex"

Friday night I tweeted, "When's that new Mike Posner video for 'Looks Like Sex' being released?" The only response I received was from one of my Twitter friends who said, "Ew." Love her! 

Anyway, someone from Posner's camp must have seen my tweet because this morning his newsletter included a link to the new video! Or, more likely, the video was already set to debut today and I subconsciously remembered last Friday. 

Whatever the real story is, Looks Like Sex is here. For those of you who think Casper Smart is just J.Lo's backup dancer ... among other things ... he's the one who choreographed this. Yeah, I know these things! Watch the video and let me know what you think of Casper's choreography.


Anonymous said...

What choreography?all I see is half naked women whipping their hair and spreading their legs.Lmao ..Casper has to go back to dance school if he thinks this is dancing

Shari B said...

Choreography doesn't have to be the dance moves we're used to seeing. You can choreograph how people walk, sit, run, fight, etc. I once attended a modern dance show in which the performers just walked around the stage and rolled around in paper for 2 hours. It was more interesting than it sounds.