28 January 2012

So, Bai Ling Has a Song

Last week I was watching TMZ on TV and heard Bai Ling has a new song called U Touch Me, I Don't Know U. I don't make these things up people. I don't make these things up. 

I didn't know Bai Ling sang. Technically, I don't know what she does or why she's famous. According to IMDB (yes, I had to consult), she's an actress. Who knew? All my memories of her involve red carpets, parties, and dancing. 

Now let's break down the song. Bai doesn't really sing on the track. U Touch Me sounds more like spoken word, but I think it could work in an indie film. Her other song Rehab is another story. It needs some serious (for lack of a better word) rehabilitation.


Anonymous said...

There was a time when Bai Ling was a very talented actresss, check out her performance in 'Red Corner'.

Shari B said...

I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing.