14 February 2012

Battle of the V-Day Songs

If you're free today at 4:30 p.m. EST and love Jason Mraz, tune in to youtube.com/presents. Jason will be live streaming and you know he always sings his heart out.

Now what's with the male singers releasing sexy songs on Valentine's Day? Earlier Austin Brown released Menage a Trois then Usher and Diplo dropped Climax. Who do you rather?

Austin Brown - Menage a Trois
Can't wait to see the video premiere on Vevo tomorrow!

Usher & Diplo - Climax
I totally wouldn't have known Diplo produced this if I hadn't read it.

I'm also liking City of Light by Danny Aiello & Hasan. The video was released a year ago and it's super-sexy. Fun fact: I went to school with one of the dancers. Small world, lol.

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