03 February 2012

GRAE Weekly: 2.3.12 Edition

Viola Davis winning a SAG in Marchesa is everything!
Spotted at The Sag Awards ...

On Sunday night my Twitter stream was suddenly inundated with talk of red carpets, designer gowns, and celebrities. I had no idea the SAG Awards were that night so you can probably picture the confusion on my face. As I looked through the winners and fashion roundups, the person who stood out the most to me was Viola Davis. I'm so glad she won for The Help. Although I haven't seen that film yet, I feel it's unfortunately going to be overlooked at the Oscars. I love her speech, especially that last line, "Dream big and dream fierce." I also love the Marchesa dress she wore. If you're going to win a SAG, that's the dress to do it in.

Watch Viola's SAG speech

Spotted on Jeremy Danté ...

You already know I'm obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I've spent the past month reading dozens of interviews, features, and Born to Die reviews. For the most part I feel music critics don't understand Lana's image and sound. They're buying too much into the "controversy" surrounding her. Luckily my fave fashion bloggers are loving Lana. Funny how they consider her more of a music icon than the music people. Earlier this week Jeremy Danté did a great article about image and why he thinks Lana is America's answer to Adele. It's totally what I've been trying to say for weeks.

Read Style Vs Sound: Lana Del Rey

Spotted on Twitter ...

Do you recognize this man? Didn't think so. Last week Sky Blu of LMFAO shaved off his hair and is pretty much unrecognizable. I miss his party rock hair already. Hopefully he'll grow it back. In the meantime we can relive his hairdays in old LMFAO videos.

Watch Champagne Showers

Spotted on MissWhoever You Are ...

In last week's GRAE Weekly I mentioned Rock & Republic's NYFW contest that I saw on MissWhoever You Are. This week she's written about her fave pieces from Rock & Republic's new Kohl's collection. I must find a way to make those Platform Wedges mine!

Read Available Now: Rock & Republic Collection at Kohl’s (Online)

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