13 February 2012

In Review: Grammy's 2012

Sophia Grace & Rosie go to the Grammy's!
(image via Yahoo!)
Another year, another Grammy's. Only this time the biggest night in music came 24 hours after Whitney Houston's shocking death. Grammy producers couldn't let the show go on without doing a well-deserved tribute and called in Jennifer Hudson to do the honors. Boy was she amazing! Now that's how you do a proper tribute.

Here's my live rundown of the rest of the show ...
  • Springsteen opens the Grammy's with We Take Care of Our Own ... Gaga rocks out ... I'm still not sure why he's called "The Boss" ... oh hi Max Weinberg
  • "There's no way around this. We've had a death in our family." - LL Cool J before leading everyone in a nice prayer for Whitney and her family. Well done!
  • Oh hi Victor Cruz sitting behind Adele. 
  • Bruno Mars and The Hooligans rockin' out to Runaway Baby in gold and black. Twitter goes crazy with talk of his perfect hair and teeth. I call him my teen idol even though we're in our 20s. 
  • Alicia Keys & Bonnie Raitt do a tribute to Etta James. Can't forget about Ms. Etta.
  • Adele wins Best Solo Pop Performance for Someone Like You ... work that glam hair and sequins girl!
  • Chris Brown's performance was okay, but that set would look great on display at MoMA or New Museum. Hope their curators were watching. 
  • Kanye West & Jay-Z's Otis wins for Best Rap Performance ... and neither are there ... Jay's probably with Bey & Blue Ivy and Kanye's probably is avoiding T-Swift & Amber Rose
  • Friends and I agree Reba McEntire doesn't age as she introduces Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson's performance of Don't You Wanna Stay. I spot a tattoo on Kelly's back. Does anyone know when she got that?
  • The Foo Fighters perform Walk. I wish they sang Rope just so I can hear David Grohl scream, "choke on a kiss!"
  • Rihanna sings We Found Love. I still prefer Tinashe's cover. The Princess of China collab would have been better if she wasn't out of breath from all that dancing. Chris & co. finished their set off nicely with Paradise. I'm obsessed with their graffiti set. I could totally live in it.
  • Sidenote: Aaah, a Chipotle commercial! Best food ever!
  • Victor Cruz forced to salsa after a Chipotle commercial aired 5 minutes before. Interesting timing.
  • Foo Fighters win for Walk
  • Ryan Seacrest introduced Maroon 5. I've been listening to their first album nonstop for days so I'm excited to see Adam and the boys. Foster the People the people also perform. I didn't know who they were at first. (Thank God for my Twitter friends who do!) Also, why was Uncle Jessie not performing with The Beach Boys? He's the reason my generation knows who they are. 
  • Paul McCartney performs.
  • Chris Brown wins a Grammy and gives a nice little speech. I think his chest tats would make a great graphic tee. We should team up for a clothing line. Get me his number and/or Twitter handle!
  • The Civil Wars sing before Taylor Swift performs. They could have kept singing. Also, T-Swift does realize we're being honest, not mean right?
  • Neil Patrick Harris! Why are you not hosting? Anyway, Adele wins again in a new dress!
  • Apparently LL Cool J watches way too many Kate Beckinsale movies.
  • Katy Perry has a clone. I knew it!
  • Lady Antebellum wins. Taylor Swift does not. All is right with the world.
  • I love Gwyneth Paltrow's dress!
  • Adele performs Rolling in the Deep and gives me chills. 
  • The Band Perry opens the tribute to Glen Campbell. Aww, they're so cute. Blake Shelton takes over and then Glen comes out. I love that he can remember his songs. Mom and I agree his doctors must be baffled by his case.
  • Carrie Underwood should sing more jazz and tour with Tony Bennett. 
  • Bon Iver wins Best New Artist. I flash back to 2011 when Esperanza beat out Drake while my Twitter folks say Nicki and Skrillex were robbed. I actually think J.Cole was robbed. That kid's got stories for days.
  • I'm still amazed Jennifer Hudson sang I Will Always Love You without breaking down in tears. Go girl! Well done. What a pro!
  • EDM takeover with David Guetta, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne. P.S. Did Weezy just roll out of bed? (Sidenote: No, he was not arrested backstage.) Anyway, finally Foo Fighters perform Rope. The moment I've been waiting for: David Grohl yells, "Choke on a kiss!" Yes! Also, dear Deadmau5, I want your headgear. 
  • Drake introduces Nicki Minaj in a suit, bow tie, and iced out Rolex. Nicki, no wait, Roman went on to "perform" and annoy/confuse/scare/offend everyone. I hope that's what she/he was going for?
  • Adele wins another Grammy!
  • Oh look, Adele wins another Grammy! Clean sweep baby! Go girl! So glad it's her year! 

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