01 February 2012

Tinashe Releases "In Case We Die"

In case we die at the end of 2012 like the Mayans predicted, you're going to need Tinashe's new mixtape to get you through the rough months ahead. I couldn't go to sleep until I downloaded In Case We Die and had a proper listening party. On the mixtape Tinashe reminds me of The Weeknd meets an urban Lana Del Rey. It's dreamy, seductive, and edgy. Definitely not what you'd expect from a girl who was once in a bubblegum pop girl group, and I like it that way. (Although I did love her in The Stunners too.) All the labels are going to be after Tinashe once they hear this. She's mentioned before that she's already received offers, but she's holding out for the right one. Smart girls don't settle.

Go download In Case We Die on tinashenow.com, then check out Tinashe's latest installment of Ask Tinashe to learn more about the project. Also, Tinashe's giving away 100 hard copies of In Case We Die so make sure you follow her on Twitter and Facebook for contests.


Anonymous said...

Amazing music I've heard this year. She's truly talented. Her last track, Heaven, is ethereal

Leonie said...

I absolutely love it. So refreshing. So much talent. So much hard work.

I love her!

Shari B said...

Agreed. Tinashe's amazing. Can't wait to see what she does next.