11 February 2012

Whitney Houston, A Look Back at the Voice that Captivated Us All

I was in shock when I heard Whitney Houston died this afternoon. I would have thought the news was another R.I.P. hoax on Twitter, except my source was Harvey Levin from TMZ. Contrary to what a lot of people think, TMZ doesn't go around reporting things like this important without confirming first so I trust them.

I grew up on Whitney so her death is extremely sad, even moreso than MJ's. I can recall belting out I Will Always Love You at the top of my lungs when I was 4 and playing The Bodyguard soundtrack on cassette for hours on end.

When Whitney was at the top of her game, there was no stopping her. That voice sent chills up your spine and demanded your attention. Whitney's talents weren't just limited to singing; she was also a great actress. The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, and yes, even Cinderella will always be classics to me.

I know Clive Davis must be hurting right now. Through all her ups and downs that man was the one person who always believed in her, a rarity in a fickle industry. Though we lost her before her big comeback, we'll be able to see Whitney on the big screen once again in Sparkle with Jordin Sparks later this year. I know all Whitney's fans will be there, tickets in hand, to support.

Here are some of my fave Whitney songs. To me, they're everything.

I'm Every Woman
A 90s girl power moment for the ladies.

Could I Have This Kiss Forever with Enrique Iglesias
When Enrique released with Rhythm Divine and Be With You I thought he was okay. When his duet with Whitney came out I thought the kid had staying power. Turns out I was right.

I Have Nothing
An amazing power ballad from The Bodyguard soundtrack.

It's Not Right, But It's Okay
If someone ever does you wrong, listen to this song. Whitney will tell you what to do.

I'm Your Baby Tonight
How great were all the costume changes in this video!

The Star Spangled Banner
Till this day no one can sing the national anthem like Whitney. Such a great moment in musical history.

Queen of the Night
Another dose of girl power off The Bodyguard soundtrack.

When You Believe with Mariah Carey
Two divas. One uplifting song.

I Will Always Love You
I used to belt this out all the time when I was a kid trying to match her range. A girl can dream.

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Siobhan said...

GREAT post .... well written GRAE New York ..... R.I.P. Whitney Houston.