15 March 2012

GRAE Day 2012

In case you're wondering, leather is a 3 yr anniversary gift.
In case you're offering, the Louboutin Serena platform (size 8) will do.

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of GRAE New York. I'm so proud of how far this blog has come since its inception. You may know the story, but I'll reiterate for those of you who don't. I was bored during spring break my junior year of college, and I felt like creating a new blog. At the time I already had around 5, maybe more. The difference between those blogs and this one was I wanted it to be grander, more official.

After spending the past 3 years partnering with amazing companies, interviewing talented artists, and attending great events, I'd have to say my experience with GRAE New York is by far the best. What's great is GRAE New York isn't all the way there yet. It's just starting to take form. Over the next 3 years you'll see what I mean. Until then, keep reading and providing feedback.

I just want to thank everyone who's been reading GRAE New York from the beginning, i.e. my mom and my friends. To those of you who have joined us along this journey, thank you for making us a part of your lifestyle. To brands who choose to partner with GRAE New York, thank you for seeing us as a worthy ally. To those of you who have yet to discover GRAE New York, I can't wait for you to find us.

Founder & Editor
GRAE New York


Mardochere Morisset said...

WoW 3 years already!! congrats!!! I know GRAE NEW YORK, will make it.
Happpy Birthday

Shari B said...

Thanks Mardochere!

mom said...

3 years!!! ... CONGRATS!!!
<3 mom