02 March 2012

GRAE Weekly: 3.2.12 Edition

Vanessa Chiu's boat house
(image via Urban Outfitters)
Spotted on Jeremy Danté ...

Last weekend I watched The Devil Wears Prada for the first time in 6 years. It reminded me how much the opinion of fashion editors matters in the industry. In recent years more bloggers have received the privilege of sitting in the front row at a number of shows. Often I wonder if some of these bloggers really deserved to be there, and I'm not alone. Jeremy Danté recently explored this issue in an insightful article.

Read How the Front Row Lost Its Luster

Spotted on UO ...

So you've heard of a boathouse, but have you ever seen a house shaped like a boat? Me neither until I came across Vanessa Chiu's house on the Urban Outfitters blog. I love how she and her boyfriend decorated it. I don't think I could live there full time, but it could totally be my vacation house.

Read Inside: Vanesa Chiu Rocks the Boat

Spotted on Chinashop ...

I've always heard about Meika, but I never knew much about her. She's definitely an artist to check out. I love that she went from waitressing at Hotel Cafe and watching people like Katy Perry and Sia on stage to eventually taking the stage herself. It's so indie Cinderella.

Read Looking On The Bright Side: Meiko

Spotted on DanceOn ...

Good news, Honey 2 is finally out on DVD! The movie stars Katerina Graham from Vampire Diaries. You'll also recognize choreographer Laurieann Gibson and dancer/choreographer Casper Smart (yes, J.Lo's current bf). I'm sure the storyline follows the usual dance movie plot, but you know I'll be watching and studying all the dance numbers.

Watch Honey 2: I Can Be A Freak
Watch Honey 2: Set It On Fire

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