09 March 2012

GRAE Weekly: 3.9.12 Edition

Blue Suede Shoes via MissWhoever You Are

Spotted on MissWhoever You Are ...

Nothing spices up an outfit like a fun pair of shoes. Peep MissWhoever You Are's blue suede shoes in the above photo. In her latest outfit post, MissWhoever You Are muses about making tough decisions and what college doesn't teach us. Seeing as we were classmates, I'd have to agree with her.

Read Blue Suede Shoes

Spotted on UO ...

I love when people my age do cool things. It makes me feel inspired (and slightly lazy). A few weeks ago I read an interview with artist Grace Miceli. I love that she embraces teen culture in her work. I can totally relate. I'll choose an ABC Family show (OMG, who else saw the Jane By Design spring finale?!) over a crime drama any day.

Read About a Girl: Grace Miceli

Spotted on GQ ...

Reasons to move to Austin:

- the weather
- an old high school friend lives there
- Taylor Kitsch is building a house there
Oh, did I say that last one out loud? Alright, you caught me. I was so excited to see GQ's James Dean style guide, and even more excited to see Taylor Kitsch playing model. He's the sole reason I watched Friday Night Lights. I'm so excited he has some big movies coming out this year. That talent needs to be seen on the big screen. Texas forever!

Read Taylor Made for Texas

Spotted on Billboard ...

Glee doesn't break bands. Or so they thought. After fun.'s single We Are Young was covered by the Glee cast, the band skyrocketed to the forefront. For the past week I've been listening to a lot of fun.. It's like they just know how to musically capture a moment and make the listener feel a part of it. Fun. recently covered Billboard giving us the chance to learn how working with producer Jeff Bhasker changed the sound of their 2nd album Some Nights.

Read Fun.: The Billboard Cover Story

Spotted on Rolling Stone ...

What's it like to spend 8 days and nights with Skrillex? Neil Strauss found out firsthand when he spent time with the 24 year old industrial/electro king. Neil did a great job (as usual) capturing Skrillex's lifestyle and shedding light on his past. Again, it's nice to see someone my age doing what they love. (Again, I feel slightly lazy.)

Read Skrillex: Eight Wild Nights and Busy Days With the Superstar

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