08 March 2012

GRAE's Guide to Armory Arts Week

Me all bundled up at The Independent, 2011
(photo by Hrag Vartanian for Hyperallergic)
Today is the first day of Armory Arts Week. From now through Sunday there are tons of art shows and events all over NYC. I first experienced Armory Arts Week last year, and I had a blast. My fave show was the Fountain Art Fair which actually took place on a ship. It was such an interesting location which I thought worked perfectly for the show.

Here's my guide to Armory Arts Week:

The Independent
(548 W 22nd St, b/t 10th & the West Side Highway)

If you want to go to an art fair and not spend a dime, check out The Independent. It's open to the public free of charge and features a ton of installations on every floor. (Sidenote for the ladies: If you're wearing heels, beware of the narrow staircase! Take the elevator. Consider yourself warned.) When I went last year I was interviewed by Hyperallergic and learned coming up with clever answers on the spot is harder than it looks. I now sympathize with celebrities. (If you happen to link over to my interview, I meant to say "this piece behind me" not "this thing behind me.")

Fountain Art Fair
(69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Ave @ 25th St)

Last year the exhibitions at Fountain really captured my attention. Everything just had this cool, gritty, indie vibe. In addition to artwork, there were performance artists roaming on the pier leading up to the ship where the show was held. I was totally looking forward to returning to the ship this year, but the location's been moved to the Armory. Oh well. That's the NYC location for the Victoria's Secret fashion show so if you see me walking each aisle like I'm Adriana Lima, don't be alarmed. Girl's gotta get discovered somewhere.

Volta NY
(7 W 34th St)

Last year I attended Volta and gasped when I saw paintings by one of my fave artists, Tim Okamura, in person for the first time ever. I'm pretty sure my co-worker thought I was about to pass out. Although the space doesn't seem big enough for an art show, it actually encompasses a lot of exhibitors. Definitely stop by if you're in Midtown.

The Armory Show
(Piers 92 & 94, 711 12th Ave)

If you think you have no interest in art or you're not sure what type of art you like, you need to head to the Armory Show (not to be confused with the The Art Show at Park Ave Armory). This massive show features such an eclectic mix of exhibitors from around the globe so you're bound to find something you gravitate to. I know I did.

The Art Show
(Park Ave Armory, Park Ave @ 67th St)

This was the first art show I went to and I loved it. I closely inspected a Warhol, a Condo, and a ton of other pieces I can't afford (yet). It was awesome! (Sidenote for the ladies: If you're wearing heels, be careful when you walk. The floor's uneven and the last thing you want to do is trip and spill your pinot noir all over a $2 million Condo. You've been warned.)

For more art happenings during Armory Arts Week, check out Artlog and ArtCards. Two other shows you should check out are Pulse and Red Dot, but this year they're not taking place until May. I'll remind you when the time comes.

Have fun art fair hopping!

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