14 March 2012

Sad About Picnik Closing? Introducing PicMonkey!

For those of you who were distraught when Picnik announced it was shutting down, I have found a solution! Well actually, a solution found me. In a comment I received on my Picnik Closing? Say It Ain't So! post, I learned that a new photo editing site called PicMonkey was being created by former Picnikers.

Last Friday the site officially launched and I couldn't be happier. PicMonkey has more or less the same features as Picnik, and it's just as easy to use. You can resize, fix blemishes, add text, play around with effects, and yes, they have Cross Process. I would like to see a couple more font options, so I'm hoping those will be added soon along with the collage layouts. I don't feel as bad about Picnik closing now that PicMonkey is around. Check out the site and let me know what you think.

Look what I made on PicMonkey.
Can't you just picture this on your wall or in a gallery?

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