06 March 2012

Talk to Me: Eric Sosa

There's just something about Eric Sosa. For the past few years the Queens native has been on the grind, steadily building a fan base in NYC. Whether he's running the show or a featured artist, Sosa has the talent, spirit, and energy to draw people in. It's no surprise he was one of All Hip Hop's Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011. Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Sosa and find out more about the man and his music.

What drew you to rap?

The ability to generate an emotion out of a human, from love to hate and everything in between.

What’s the significance of 5:05?

5:05 is simply a numerical representation of SOS.

You just posted your new poem Wait on your website. How does your poetry affect your songwriting? Which came first for you, poetry or rap?

My poetry and songwriting, despite of how parallel they are to each other, are just two different worlds. I've always kept my poetry private. This is my first time releasing any of my poetry publicly so it’s weird, but I definitely think rap definitely came first.

At the end of 2011 you released new promo singles. Is Rhymes & Noodles Vol. 3 on the way, or is there another project you’re working on?

Yeah, released Antibiotic and the Came Along (Way) Remix at the end of 2011. Rhyme & Noodles Vol. 3 is on hold right now, it’s pretty much done but it’s on hold. I have another project I want to put out first. I'll be releasing more info on that very soon.

Your latest video Hate was shot in Times Square guerrilla style. What was that experience like? How was it working with Joe Cavallini?

Shooting the Hate video was crazy, from the way we shot it, to almost getting shut down a number of times, to the random people that just joined in with their good energy, to performing with my band, The Maintenance Crew, in legendary recording studio Quad, not to mention Joe Cavallini is an overall amazing fun director...it just was dope. Thanks to Rocawear, Quad, Stink Grenade, Stefan Spitaleri and Rule 4080, and last but not least New York City.

How do you juggle being a father and your career?

It’s not easy, but it’s all about time management which I'm still learning lol. It’s all about organizing your time too, in my case, having a balanced life as a father/ artist.

It’s clear from your Facebook and Twitter that you and your team use social media to keep up with your fan base. How do you think new artists can use these platforms to connect with their fans?

Oh definitely, using social media is definitely important. It’s the fastest form of global communication to date, so why not take advantage of it? Many consider it spam when we go on our little blast rampage lol, but I just say those are the people that don’t understand the grind.

What advice do you have for people who want to get into the industry?

Well I'm still taking advice myself lol, but I can say to be consistent and persistent is the only way you even have a chance. You have to remember the industry is saturated as is, but an artist with drive and no talent will make it before an artist with talent and no drive.

You were recently featured on All Hip Hop’s Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011 list. What’s the next step for you?

Yeah, that was definitely an honor. I mean, there's a ton of "next steps", at this point it’s all about appreciating having a choice, and choosing the right one. With that said, only time will tell.

What’s your ultimate career goal?

I don’t have one. In this business it’s just constant adjusting, so I just have a bunch of ultimate SHORT term goals. Things like singles, projects, photo shoots, videos etc. I just do those to the best of my ability, and let everything else fall into place.

To find out more about Eric Sosa, visit ericsosa.com and follow him @ericsosa.

("Bonnie & Clyde Reimagined" photos by Andrew Fennell)


Siobhan said...

As always, GRAE New York does another GREAT interview!!!
Eric Sosa = TALENT

Ken Lehnig said...

Love the site- great job!

Shari B said...

@Siobhan Yes, Eric's very talented. Thanks for commenting.

@Ken Thank you! Glad you love the site.