20 April 2012

In Review: "Socialpunk" by Monica Leonelle

"Socialpunk" by Monica Leonelle
(available now)

Science fiction. Futuristic societies. Virtual reality. Utopias. Dystopias. All topics I tend to stray from when I select a book. When I first picked up Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a YA book that’s full of action, suspense, and drama right from the get-go. My kind of read.

At the heart of Socialpunk is Ima, a teenager in Chicago 2036. After sneaking out with her friend Dash to go to a concert, she finds herself in a new futuristic society questioning the world she once knew.

The world of Socialpunk is extremely captivating. Leonelle does a great job of integrating a social media-like infrastructure into the foundation of Socialpunk’s society. The artists, creators, and influencers of Socialpunk are characters readers can surely identify with considering their overt presence in today’s world. As you read about this society, your mind can’t help but wonder what the world will become as technology evolves, sustainability becomes a major issue, and social media continues to consume our lives.

Socialpunk is a must-read this spring. It's currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In case you missed it, be sure to check out my interview with Leonelle. She's also running a contest through the end of April. Enter below.

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Elaine said...

A must read!!!

Cher said...

Putting this on my 'SUMMER READ' list.
As always, GRAE New York keeps us informed!