04 May 2012

"Chuck" and Crazy Holiday Crowds

It's only May, but I'm sure marketers are already thinking about ways to entice the crowds for the holiday season. From mega savings to free items and free shipping, stores know how to get the crowds amped up for holiday season ... sometimes a little too much.

In Chuck Versus the Santa Suit, crowds went insane at the Buy More! Of course, it wasn't all their fault. The Omen virus had infected computers globally resulting in the crazy crowds. While the holidays are known for making crowds crazier than usual, no crowd I've ever been a part of was crazier than the one at the Buy More.

I remember when I was 7 years old the Dancing Barbie was the hottest toy ever. Of course I had to have it so my mom and I went to a dozen stores in search of it. We braved the nutty crowds until finally one Toys 'R Us had the Dancing Barbie. I was so excited to finally have it and played with it all throughout my Christmas break. About a month later I lost interest in my Dancing Barbie. Meanwhile all the toy stores dropped their price for the Barbie so they could get rid of it to make room for the next hot toy. Marketing, it's a never-ending cycle.

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20% off and free shipping!!! ..... this is AWESOME!!!