01 June 2012

Girl Gone GRAE, June 2012

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been writing as much as I used to these past couple months. I was just burnt out and felt like GRAE New York was getting stale and needed to be revamped so I closed up shop for a bit and made it my mission to get re-inspired to create. I immersed myself in The Daily Love, Top Shelf Network, The Well Daily, xoJane, the Fifty Shades trilogy, Mad Men seasons 1-4 on DVD, How Sweet It Iswine classes, and Woody Allen films with ScarJo.

As May rolls into June the timing just feels right for a comeback. I’m ready to write a new chapter for GRAE. Everything just feels so … different. Maybe different’s not the right word; let’s go with fresh with a touch of nostalgia. I’m longing to find and share innovative ideas. From art, design, wellness, and style to books, films, music, and shows, I feel like I’m experiencing it all through a new set of eyes.

Over the coming weeks you’re going to notice a shift in content. I want to create, motivate, inspire, and influence. Posts are going to be more diverse and well-written. I want to focus on people and stories you may not hear about instead of what everyone else is talking about to “change the conversation” as Don Draper would say.

I’ll also be utilizing GRAE New York’s Facebook page more for topics I want to share with you that I don’t want to write full-out posts for. I’ve already started doing that for the past couple weeks, and I’ve already noticed a slight increase in the number of fans. A major “Thank You” goes out to all who like and comment on the Facebook page, follow me on TwitterPinterest, and YouTube, and comment on the blog.

So the next phase of GRAE begins now. Keep reading …


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