27 June 2012

LaBeouf + Radcliffe: Whose Cameo's Hotter?

Last week two music videos surfaced with cameos from two of my fave actors: Shia LaBeouf and Daniel Radcliffe.

In Sigur Rós' Fjogur Piano Shia plays ... well I'm not exactly sure, but he's naked and in drag when he actually does have "clothes" on. (FYI, it's an arthouse film style video.) Shia also doing a bit of modern dance at one point, which makes me think some of his mother's training with Martha Graham rubbed off on him.

In Slow Club's Beginners Dan's drunk and twirling around a bar in a printed shirt I kind of want to borrow as he lip syncs to the song.

Who do you think has the hotter cameo: LaBeouf in the buff or Daniel the drunkard? I must side with Shia seeing as we were known as "Shariah" a few years ago (by me ... and like 1 friend) and he had the balls (no pun intended) to go nude and wear drag. Anything for art.

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