05 July 2012

Get Your Gear On With 7:30 Apparel

7:30 Gear Graffiti Tee in Green $15
Style and swag are two different things. Just because you’re wearing a killer outfit doesn’t mean you have swag. Just because you have swag doesn’t mean you can put together a killer outfit. But what do you wear if you have both? 7:30 Apparel.

Designed by T.L.S. (Tanaka Leroy Samukange), 7:30’s graffiti-inspired gear appeals to skaters, musicians, and men and women looking to update their wardrobe with standout streetwear. With roots planted firmly in hip hop culture, 7:30 even has their own theme song I Got My Gear On by T.L.S. featuring Tazziey and Kripmac. Download the track: Mediafire

Here are the GRAE faves from 7:30’s current offerings.

7:30 Check On My Swag Tee in Red/Blue $18

7:30 I Got My Gear On Long Sleeve Tee $25

7:30 White V-Neck with Emblem Tee $15

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Nyasha Samukange said...

cool shirts.need to see more outfits