06 July 2012

Girl Gone GRAE, July 2012

Can't believe Kylie Minogue's been in the industry for 25 years.
There’s nothing like a heat wave during Fourth of July weekend to make you wonder what the rest of summer will feel like. As I try to keep cool with my chamomile mint tea in hand (No, not iced. Yes, irony is my life.), I’ve decided to take a slight summer hiatus from GRAE New York to revamp the site and focus on other things that need tending – mainly my new PR consulting business (exciting), NYLON’s music issue (brilliant), and Hilary Duff’s book series (addictive).

As you know, GRAE New York’s a one-woman show and I can’t do it all (though I try), so this summer GRAE posts will be about topics I really feel strongly about. Everything else I think needs to be on your radar can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so stay cool as you’re liking, tweeting, and pinning away! If you come across something in your travels that needs to be on my radar, email it to gnyinbox@gmail.com.


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