04 July 2012

"Tell Me I'm Your National Anthem"

Lana Del Rey does her best Jackie O in "National Anthem"
Although I know the words to The Star-Spangled Banner, I always thought the national anthem should be God Bless America. It's much livelier, not to mention easier to remember. Of course I changed my mind once Lana Del Rey released a song called National Anthem on her self-titled debut album back in January. Who doesn't want to hear "I'm your national anthem. God, you're so handsome. Take me to the Hamptons, Bugatti Veyron" before every major sporting event? I'd love to see Kelly Clarkson belt that one out at the next Superbowl.

We should start a petition. While I do that, Ms. Del Rey released the video for National Anthem a week before today's Independence Day festivities. It features Lana as a Marilyn/Jackie O hybrid and A$AP Rocky as JFK. If I was Lana I would have cast Drake as my leading man since he's more presidential material to me. I mean have you seen him in the pages of GQ rockin' a suit? So sleek, but to each her own. Let's not forget A$AP Rocky's debut album LongLiveA$AP is due out on September 11th, and Lana's featured on KickDrums-produced track Ridin. She probably thought it was a good idea to return the favour and gave her friend a cameo.

Enjoy the video & have a happy 4th! #SupportTheTroops

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