11 October 2012

The Grit and Glam: Fall Into Fierce

"I want to create, motivate, inspire, and influence."

That's what I wrote in June as I set out to develop an all-new GRAE New York. A dozen posts later I felt that initial narrative ended somewhat abruptly, but I was on the verge of yet another chapter in the story of GRAE.

As the autumn crisp arrives, my thematic focus is currently locked on Fall Into Fierce. Right now I'm feeling bold, confident, experimental, and curious. I want this to translate into everything I do from my work to my style to my writing. Throughout the journey I took to achieve Fall Into Fierce the inner PR girl in me began to analyze GRAE New York not only as a blog, but as a lifestyle brand. I realized what makes me the most excited about GRAE is having the platform to showcase the stories of creatives and brands that are up-and-coming, inspiring, support a cause I believe in, or that I find myself just wanting to know more about. As a maven it's in my nature to share my discoveries with anyone I think can connect to them. That was the reason I started blogging in 2005. That's the reason I'm still blogging in 2012. I still want to create, motivate, inspire, and influence, only this this time I want my process to center around a new aesthetic that reflects the state I find myself in now.

We're living in a moment of uncertainty. But it's just that, a moment. We must not place all our attention on worrying about the now. We must focus on bettering and presenting our authentic selves for what's to come.While autumn continues to set in, I invite you to join GRAE New York as we move forward. Together we shall transform, adjust, shape, and evolve into the next edition of GRAE. Be a maven and tell your friends. xo. Shari.

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Siobhan said...

Welcome back ...... best wishes!