26 November 2012

Afterthought: Let the "Skyfall"

There's been much debate over whether Skyfall is Daniel Craig's last Bond film. If this was the end, Craig went out with a bang, a splash, and an explosion or two. As usual, the latest installment of 007 kicked off with a high-speed fight scene that quickly escalated from foot to car to train before Adele's haunting vocals on the title track put the IMAX theater's surround sound to good use and confirmed my $18.50 was well spent.

Bond plots oft reflect what's happening in society. Skyfall is no different. While government agencies, companies, and individuals alike are trying to find the middle ground between old school and new school in the real world, MI6 must address the issue as they battle a cyber criminal who has set his sights on M.

From Bond's relationship with M which has the feel of mother and son, to the introduction of Q and Moneypenny to round out the squad, Skyfall was very character driven this time around. The standout was Javier Bardem as the villain Silva.

I'll stop before I reveal any more of the tightly woven plot. Go see Skyfall and let me know what you think about it.

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