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06 July 2011

Rap Rocks: Studio at Webster Hall Tomorrow

The Rap Rocks summer tour continues on July 7 at Studio at Webster Hall. Once again, the show has a sick lineup with The White House Band, Mickey FactzTunde Olaniran, Rocky Business, Nyle vs The Naysayers, Ra The MC, and Mahogany.

For more info, visit the Facebook event page

31 May 2011

Watch: The White House Band - 'Wasup'

Yesterday I was surprised to find out The White House Band's new video for Wasup was banned from MTV. Sure there's a robbery and an explosion, but it's like a scene out of prime time TV. All the hostage situations, shootings, and explosions on Grey's Anatomy alone would take you an hour to list.

Rap Rocks at Mercury Lounge 4.22.11
(p.s. the camera flash really lit up my hair)
[image via Facebook]
Anyway, I'm glad we're living in a digital age and bands don't have to depend on the networks to get themselves out there. Watch The White House Band's video below and visit to downlaod their mixtapes.

You can catch The White House Band this summer when they hit up DC, Baltimore, Nashville, and NYC on the Rap Rocks tour. Check out the trailer below.

Mixin' It Up with Nikki Lynette, Eric Sosa and The Weeknd

I know you love a good mixtape, so here are three to add to your playlist.

Fave track: 'Nobody Loves Me'

Nikki Lynette is more than just "The Other Nikki." She's a Chicago-based singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer with the ability to transcend genres. After scoring a major licensing deal with MTV last year, she's the girl whose music you hear when you watch hit shows like Jersey Shore and The Real World. She's also one of my favorite people on Twitter (@nikkilynette). 

On her latest mixtape, Roses N' Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED mistape that rocks, we meet Rosey Gunz, a badass version of Nikki who makes me want to get a badass alter ego of my own. 

Download Roses N' Guns 2 at While you're there be sure to download her other mixtape Roses N' Guns: The totally bad ass mixtape that rocks.

Fave track: 'Sammy Sosa'

Back in March I went to the Rap Rocks concert at Studio at Webster Hall. Eric Sosa was one of the artists in the lineup. A few minutes before he went on, Rap Rocks co-founder and publicist, Olivia Dikambi asked if I had seen Eric before. When I said no, her exact words were "you'll love him." I'm glad to say Olivia does not lie! 

During Eric's set I hung on to his every word and couldn't take my eyes off him. The lyric that blew me away the most came from the track Sammy Sosa ... "a lot of my ideas come from experience divided by fear." Hello new mantra! 

Go to and download Rhyme & Noodles Vol. 2 now. Also give Eric's previous mixtapes, Rhyme & Noodles Vol. 1 and Let the Pete Rock, a listen.

The Weeknd - House of Balloons

Fave track: 'Loft Music'

Thanks to Drake and his OVO crew, I was all over The Weeknd's debut mixtape from day one. Of all the reviews I've come across lately for House of Balloons, I think Refinery29 said it best ... "this is pretty much late-night bedroom R&B heard through a drug haze." Agreed!

Every time I listen to HoB, I picture lead singer Abel Tesfaye performing in a cloud of smoke. Let's see if my daydreams come true in July when The Weeknd performs at Drake's second annual OVO Fest

Head over to to download House of Balloons. Be on the lookout for two more mixtapes from The Weeknd later this year. 

28 March 2011

RapRocks Back in NYC Thursday!

After hitting the road for the past few weeks, RapRocks is back Thursday night in the city where it all started. Come out to Studio at Webster Hall and see great live music from The White House BandThe Upperclass MenEric Sosa, The TweesThe OxymorronsShow Tuflil, and Skotch Davis. Doors open at 7pm. Get your advance tickets now: link

For updates join RapRocks on Facebook and Twitter.

24 February 2011

RapRocks Tonight in DC!

Hey DC fam! If you're looking for something to do tonight, head to DCNine for RapRocks. I went to the NYC event last week and it was epic. Even Zoe Kravitz showed up! Maybe Obama will show up this time; the White House Band is playing after all. If you see him, report back to me!

17 February 2011

RapRocks Tonight in NYC

If you're in NYC tonight, head to the Bowery Ballroom for RapRocks! The White House Band, The Click Clack Boom, Roxy Cottontail, The UpperClass Men, and Lil Friday are set to perform. Sounds like an epic lineup to me. Get advanced tickets here:

Prep for RapRocks with The White House Band's latest EP, The Stimulus Package available for free on Bandcamp. I've had 'Grown-Ups' on repeat since I got it. It's so fitting for my life right now. I hope they play it at the show.